Source code for altair_recipes.smoother

"""Smoother graph."""
from .signatures import bivariate_recipe
import altair as alt
from autosig import autosig, param, Signature

[docs]@autosig( bivariate_recipe + Signature( window=param( default=None, position=3, docstring="""int The size of the smoothing window""", ), interquartile_area=param( default=True, position=4, docstring="""interquartile_area: bool Whether to plot the IRQ as an area""", ), ) ) def smoother( data=None, x=0, y=1, window=None, interquartile_area=True, height=600, width=800 ): """Generate a smooth line plot with optional IRQ shading area.""" window = data.shape[0] // 4 if window is None else int(window) _data = data.sort_values(by=x) _data[x] = _data[x].rolling(window).median() _data["median"] = _data[y].rolling(window).median() chart_line = ( alt.Chart(height=height, width=width).mark_line().encode(x=x, y="median") ) if interquartile_area: _data["q1"] = _data[y].rolling(window).quantile(0.25) _data["q3"] = _data[y].rolling(window).quantile(0.75) chart_area = ( alt.Chart(height=height, width=width) .mark_area(opacity=0.2) .encode(x=x, y=alt.Y("q1", title=y), y2="q3") ) chart = chart_line + chart_area else: chart = chart_line return